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I lost my composure and cried when I saw the gallery. You have captured our family and emotions with such stunning beauty and imagery. I am overwhelmed!! Thank you so much for these gorgeous images and so glad that it was you. Matt and I loved working with you!!


“I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE PHOTOS! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to receive your email! Our Wedding pictures are amazing… a blend of everything… just what we wanted! I cannot wait to go through them again (and again) 🙂 Thank you thank you. Working with you was so amazing! The blog and slideshow is a great touch! ” Caitlin

Thank you so much! They came out beautiful. We love them!! Everything that I ordered was there and we were extremely pleased. We just hung the artmount pictures of the kids in the family room today and they look wonderful.


Let’s just say I needed a box of tissues next to me while I watched the slide show. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! It is going to be very hard to pick which ones we want they all came out so nice! Thank you for a great day and all you hard work and patience.


The photos are amazing !!!!!!!I have watched them over and over,and crying many happy tears. Heather, you managed to capture not only her beauty but her great personality as well. I can’t thank you enough, we had great fun working with you- Maria

“Tim also loves the photos and well, it’s official you are all the rage in Western MA! All my friends and family are so impressed by the quality and emotion you captured in these photos. One of my friends who is engaged but not really planning her wedding yet, said she wanted to get married now to have great pictures… so I may have a referral for you in the future.

….I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make our wedding day so very memorable. To see myself smiling, my parents smiling and everyone having a wonderful time did my heart wonders. So, I’m forever grateful to you for that-honestly. My parents, Tim and I can’t thank you enough for being sensitive to our bittersweet situation. Well done.


Heather! …the pictures are breathtaking! I was actually teary when I first looked at them–they so entirely capture the boys. You did an amazing job–you definitely knew how to get the best out of J-. Thank you again–we love them!


Tears of joy and amazement! You captured our wedding day to perfection.  All the details and events I missed, not only did I feel I could relive my day but also LIVE my day (it flew by).  You were always where you needed to be, but I barely noticed you.  Seriously I am not sure how you captured all these images!  Thank you so much, they’re a wonderful memories and art work.  I have to decide which I am blowing up for a canvas for our room.  Thank you!


 The photos are beautiful! We love them so much!!! You provided us with a very good variety and they’re all great. We’re so happy that we had the opportunity to work with you. Some of our friends had the chance to view our photos with us and we received a lot of positive feedbacks. Thank you for helping us create such a wonderful gift for my parents’ 30th anniversary. It’s truly well worth the wait.

Many thanks,


Matt and I are beyond thrilled with the quality, quantity and perfectly captured emotion of the photos you took on our wedding day. Truly, we are blown away by your expertise and craftsmanship. You visually captured exactly what we wanted our wedding day to be – fun, happy, sweet and sunny. I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to capture our hearts on film.

Thank you. ~ Kristine

 ” I really appreciated your speediness at getting our wedding photos online and to us. They are truly beautiful and we love them!” ~Katie

loved them!!! Thank you so much! People cannot get over how great they are. They always say that their kids would never sit still for them. So I have to tell them that my kids were not as cooperative as I had hoped, but you are so talented that you captured the beauty of them even in those in between moments where they would be doing their own thing.

I hope you will be doing this for a long time, because I plan to do more sessions in the future!

Thanks again,


We couldn’t be happier with the pictures and all of your extra little touches. We love it all!! Matt and I never enjoy pictures of ourselves and we can’t believe how much we like the big one with all three of us in it…

It has been really great working with you. You made the session very relaxing and easy, and all the extra things you do like the slide show, referral cards, and brag book have really sealed the deal. Not to mention the quality of the pictures! We really look forward to our next session with you – we’re thinking we’ll capture Nadia again at 6 months. ~ Lisa

From working with you, I can trust you will deliver nothing but excellence! Thanks again. ~Lina

Magnificent Heather!

I can’t stop looking at them 🙂 I love them. We’ll be seeing you again. Thank you so much. I have been recommending you. ~ Sally

The pictures are incredible and we are so pleased with how everything came out. We think that you captured both of their personalities perfectly. ~Gretchen

Thank you from all of us for doing such a tremendous job- The next time we are all in America we are definitely coming. You have a genuine talent~Lorelei

..they are incredible., how are we ever going to chose….I guess we will be getting a lot of frequent flyer miles to boston., thanks so much~ shauna

….prints are beautiful. We have received so many compliments. We will certainly be in touch again to do the kids/family pictures. Thanks for everything, Lea

I was thrilled with the session, it was so effortless and the pictures came out beautiful. I can see why your clientele is word of mouth.... Heather

The pictures are gorgeous (again). ~ Shannon

The prints are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking such beautiful pics of our family. Thanks for delivering them too ~ Ellen

..amazing. I was in tears …beautiful….Now I know why Cariann is having an entire wall dedicated to you. Thank you ~Nicole

Thank you so much! It was a difficult session and you got some incredibly beautiful shots!!! THANK YOU! We loved them!!… You certainly are a pro! Nice work!! I know M and A were not the most cooperative, and I thought for sure we wouldn’t have much to choose from, but I was wrong! The images in the gallery are fantastic! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! I love them – Shiela

You did an excellent job capturing the personalities of the girls even though you had just met them. I LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!! … I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I talk to. Expect some referrals from us. We are impressed! Thanks again ~ Melissa

I was so happy with all the pictures, as were all of our family members. I can’t wait to hang them all in our new home! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my necklace! I have not taken it off!!! ~ Danielle

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