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Military Weddings: The Rules & Etiquette You Should Know

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Military Weddings: The Rules & Etiquette You Should Know

Military weddings can brim with breathtaking and memorable moments. Some of the things you’ll experience on these spectacles will truly be a sight to behold and to remember for the years to come.

What’s that that’s making military-themed weddings so special and different from the others?

In this article, we will turn your attention to some of the things you should be aware of if you’re invited to the military wedding.

Location of the Ceremony

With all the challenges that living the military life brings with it, it’s really tough for the wedding planners to organize a perfect military wedding. The hardest part of it is actually figuring out the date and location of the wedding.

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Why is that?

Well, simply for the reason that either the groom or the bride is serving in the military and is probably deployed. Then again, if one or both of them are in the Army, chances are that many military-serving members will also be invited and expected to be present at the wedding.

There goes another problem. Sometimes, adding it all up so the date is acceptable for everyone is nearly impossible.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself invited to the wedding which will take place at the military base. With many of the ceremony invitees deployed and serving away from home, this might be the only way for them to actually get married.

Also, military couples do have some perks that they might want to take advantage of. There are a number of companies offering discounts for military soon-to-weds, no matter if we’re talking about saving money on photographers or band that will play at the reception.


One of the trademarks of the people serving the nation is their military suit (uniform). If you’re serving in the military and you’re soon-to-be-married, it is somewhat expected from you not to wear a regular wedding suit, but a military uniform along with all the ribbons and medals you might have.

If, however, the bride is the one serving in the military, she would be good to go with only wearing her military boots underneath her wedding dress. Then again, she can opt to wear her military uniform also if she likes that.

Finally, military couples do like to spice up their wedding ceremony a bit and, if they want everything to be military-style, they might want to present their wedding attendees with a custom-made challenge coin. Companies like Embleholics can provide coins of a very high quality for occasions like this.

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Military Wedding Photography in Massachusetts

Military Traditions

What would a military wedding be without an arch of swords and sabers (or even rifles), without a ‘’table of honor’’ where all of the attendees serving in the military will be seated, without a heavy and broad usage of military-related items in the most uncommon situations.

For instance, cutting the cake with a specially styled knife or a sword is something that you’re about to witness only at these types of weddings. Same goes for presenting the wedding rings on the edge of the blade by the best man.

Apart from that, there are really dozens and dozens of military traditions which you might or might not witness on one such military wedding.


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